Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager

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Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager is online software that makes your "slow" fantasy sports draft a flawless experience.

Any Draft Clock

Every part of Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager is built around the clock. Whether your draft clock is minutes or hours or unlimited, Draftime will manage the clock and automatically skip any manager that takes too long.

Draft Pauses

Draft pauses automatically put your draft clock on hold at specified times, but allow managers to continue to make pick selections. You can set separate daily (or nightly) and weekend draft pauses.

Any Draft Order

Draftime Fantasy Sports Manager supports every type of draft order. The typical "Snake Rounds" and "Pro-Style Rounds" are available, as well as full custom rounds, which allows any combination of any number of picks for any number of rounds.

Player Pre-Rankings

Every manager can pre-rank every player in the database by sport. The pre-rankings can be copied into player queues for every draft the manager participates in and then adjusted based on the manager's strategy for the draft.

Player Queues

Managers can set an overall player queue, to be used for any pick in a draft, or a pick-specific queue for complete flexibility.


Managers can set a player queue, turn on auto-picking, and Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager will make the pick for them. An auto-pick delay gives managers time to check in and make the pick, but ensures they don't miss the pick if too much time passes.

Draft Trades

Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft manager allows managers to trade picks, players, or both. Trades can be uneven -- if a manager wants to trade five picks for one player, Draftime allows for it -- and multi-manager trades are supported as well.

Email Notifications

Every manager receives an email when it's their turn to pick. Managers can receive the most recent picks made in their notification email and can also receive an email when they're "on deck". Secondary email addresses allow managers to receive a copy of all emails at other email accounts.

Draft Grid

The draft grid groups every pick made by manager and position. Quickly see draft trends and manager position deficiencies and adjust your draft strategy accordingly.

Draft Peek

See how other drafts are progressing by viewing every pick made in all the Draftime public drafts. Get instant updates in your preferred feed reader by subscribing to a draft's RSS feed.

Average Draft Picks

See where players are being selected across all the Draftime drafts. Also get information about the highest and lowest draft positions for every player selected.

Keeper Players

Keeper leagues can assign keeper players to managers with Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager. You can have standard keeper players, keepers that are assigned to a specific pick, or both!

Supplemental Picks

Just like real sports drafts, Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager allows for the addition of supplemental picks wherever you need them in your draft.

Create a Draft

These features are just the beginning of what Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager has to offer. Create a draft and see what else Draftime has to offer!

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