Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager

Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager

Football Drafts Are Ready!

NFL players have been added to the system and are ready to go! Create a draft and get started today so you're team is set for the season's kickoff!

Welcome to Draftime

Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager is online software that makes your "slow" fantasy sports draft a flawless experience with features such as:

  • Any Draft Clock: Set any draft clock you want, including no clock at all.
  • Draft Pauses: Nightly and weekend draft pauses automatically stop the draft clock when managers might have limited availability.
  • Player Queues: Managers can create a queue of players for the overall draft and for each pick they have in the draft.
  • Keeper Players: If your league allows for keeper players, you can assign them to the managers and the players will be removed from the player pool.
  • Player and Pick Trades: Both players, including keeper players, and picks can be traded. Trades can be uneven, too!
  • Email Notifications: Email notifications keep your managers informed when it's their turn to pick and much more.

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The first 3 rounds of all Draftime fantasy sports drafts are free with no obligation. After 3 rounds, it only costs $10 to continue your fantasy sports draft, regardless of how many rounds and managers you have participating. No billing information is collected until you're ready to purchase. Create a draft to get started!

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