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Welcome to Draftime!

Post by Fred » Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:55 pm

Welcome to Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager!

Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager is a completely overhauled, new version of my On the Clock fantasy draft software from Kafenatid.net.

On the Clock started in 2003 as a basic online form I used to manage a fantasy football draft with some co-workers and quickly evolved into a feature-rich fantasy draft management tool. I began working on a major redevelopment of On the Clock in 2008 and throughout its development it never felt "right" in terms of being able to release it; it always felt like a bunch of bandages more than real improvements.

After some long thought, I recognized that a complete overhaul was necessary. The growth of On the Clock was so rapid that all the additions and modifications made over the years had to be made to the database and web pages that were already in place. As long as those structures were still in place, a meaningful update was not possible.

I launched the creation of Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager in March 2010 with a request for ideas for new features and the response was fantastic. With a laundry list of fixes, new features, and overall improvements, the rewrite began.

Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager was developed from scratch, with all new code. Not ever old process from On the Clock was thrown away, but only those processes that fit the new structure and were key to providing a smooth draft experience were kept. I wasn't constrained to the On the Clock structure or code.

And after the creation of 120 pages with over 25,000 total lines of code and 28 database tables with 245 total columns, Draftime is now ready for launch!

Learn more about the new features and create a draft to get a full idea of the brand new Draftime Fantasy Sports Draft Manager!
Fred (KKB)